While no singing experience is required to join Perth Harmony Chorus, we do have an audition process to ensure members can manage holding their part with the unaccompanied harmonies. We offer plenty of support along the way. 

Prospective Members

At your first rehearsal, you will sing a couple of scales with our director or a music team member and a voice part will be matched to your range and sound. We will find you a buddy in the same section who can answer questions and help out. You will be given sheet music and learning tracks for your first song (practice session are offered!).

When you are ready (usually 2-4 weeks), you will sing for the director in a quartet. We are looking for accurate music learning (memorised), a sense of rhythm, and the ability to hold your part.  

New Members

In your first few months with Perth Harmony we will organise sessions with key musical leaders to kickstart your journey with us: This includes chat and questions with the musical director, exploring visual performance with a visual team leader, and a short vocal session to offer tips and discuss the stylistic choices most used by the group. You will be getting to know our members better and have access to our current repertoire of music to start learning bit by bit. 

We will do all we can to help you achieve your goals and to join us as a fully-fledged member of Perth Harmony Chorus!

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