While no singing experience is required to join Perth Harmony Chorus, we do have an audition process to ensure members can manage holding their part with the unaccompanied harmonies. There are just two stages and we offer support along the way. 

Stage 1

At your first rehearsal, you will be allocated a voice part suitable to your range and a ‘big sister’ who will guide and support you through the auditions.

You will also be given sheet music and learning tracks for your first song, which you will learn to sing as a quartet.

The music team and your big sister will be on hand to answer any questions and to organise practise sessions with experienced members.  When you are ready (usually 2-4 weeks), you will sing for the director. This stage is all about learning to memorise music and seeing how you manage holding your part. 

Stage 2

Next, you’ll learn a song from Perth Harmony’s current repertoire – with choreography! 

Again, you’ll be guided through this stage and you’ll also get to know the chorus better during this time. This stage is about seeing how you manage our more complex music and introducing the visual performance element. We will do all we can to help you achieve your goals and to join us as a fully-fledged member of Perth Harmony Chorus!