Our Quartets

Perth Harmony encourages quartet singing as a way to strengthen skills and have an all round joyful time. We are fortunate to have been entertained by many wonderful PHC quartets over the years and are excited to have new groups forming. Here are a few of our current performing groups.


Broadband is made up of Jessica Bullen (Tenor), Carole Macintyre (Lead), Patricia Spencer (Baritone) and Alison Martin (Bass). They most recently took to the stage in Perth 2017, where they competed against quartets from across Australia for the third time since forming in 2014. In their short time together, Broadband has placed 2nd, 3rd and 4th, respectively, in each of the national competitions at which it has competed.


Butterscotch Quartet

Butterscotch love to perform and entertain with sweet, smooth harmonies in beautiful a cappella style.  Their repertoire includes timeless melodies, classic hits and musical theatre favourites, all sung in 4-part harmony.  Jen (Tenor), Helen (Bass), Diana (Baritone), and Shay (Lead), love to share joy through music and are available for public and private functions, Community and Christmas events and as backing vocalists for stage productions.

Find Butterscotch Quartet on Facebook and Instagram @butterscotchquartet


Lyrebirds came together in 2021.  Alison Senior (Tenor), Alison Nicholson (Lead), Deb West (Baritone) and Fiona Hugo (Bass) share a love of 4 part harmonies and like to bring a sense of fun to every performance.

Find Lyrebirds Quartet on Facebook @Lyrebirds


Jackpot quartet travelled to Brisbane in 2023 for their first quartet contest together and we can't wait to hear more from them! Jackpot is formed from Tina (Lead), Geri (Bass), Becc (Baritone), and Sofie (Tenor). 

Still Thinkin' 

Leonie (Lead), Anna (Bass), Karen (Baritone), and Anne (Tenor) form Still Thinkin' quartet who love making all sorts of music from Billy Joel to jazz! 

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