Love to sing? Why not join us! 

You too could be a part of the Perth Harmony community - a group of awesome women who do amazing things together!

Singing with Perth Harmony provides the opportunity to develop your singing technique, musicianship, performance and ensemble skills with support and guidance from experienced teachers. If you love the idea of discovering your potential and expanding your possibilities, this is a great place to find just that. Education, performance, and competition challenges us while adding balance and joy to our busy lives. Off the risers, you’ll gain lots of new friends and the chance to clock up some fabulous experiences. 

Do you love to harmonise? Do you sing along with the backup vocals? Improvise harmonies? Add a sweet descant high above? Or perhaps you enjoy singing a rhythmic bass line? Are you front and centre of the karaoke crowd? There is a place for you! 

The first step is to come along to a rehearsal. 

Weekly rehearsals

If you're wondering what we're all about, you’re welcome to watch or join in a rehearsal. It’s an excellent chance to experience Perth Harmony and see what being part of the chorus might offer you. We rehearse every Wednesday evening from February to December. Rehearsals begin at 7pm. If you are visiting, please arrive early so that we can welcome you, show you around, and answer any questions you may have.

Rehearsals vary depending on what's coming up, but it includes something like this:

  1. Physical warm-up - we begin with some stretching and dancing to prepare our bodies, focus our minds, and practise performance techniques. 
  2. Vocal craft - next we prepare our voices with a group singing lesson to develop individual and ensemble vocal skills and ready our voices for repertoire work.  
  3. Repertoire coaching - the main body of the rehearsal is used to apply our skills to our music and prepare for any upcoming events. This includes elements such as ensemble technique, refining vocal technique and musical expression, or learning and polishing choreography and visual communication.

Rehearsal ends with a celebration of member birthdays or anniversaries, and a final song, followed by a cuppa, laughter, and often more singing for those who can stay for a while. 

Perth Harmony meets a 6:45 for a 7pm start each Wednesday at Nollamara Tennis Club Hall, Kindra Way, Nollamara 6061. Park in the gated car park just south of Lemana Way.  

We care about our member's well-being and during times of pandemic risk we may move to online rehearsals. Members and visitors are asked to stay home when unwell. 

For more information, contact:

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